Top 5 Benefits of COLIN

A crisis can strike any press office, anytime, anywhere and enterprises are usually unprepared. During a crisis, your press office can feel quickly overwhelmed when having to account for large influxes of complex questions, big changes and emergency situations. To stand any chance of mitigating this, proper planning and preparation is key. This is where COLIN’s forecasting tool is an invaluable asset.  The tool allows press officers to prepare press releases and ‘lines to take’ on specific topics or potential outcomes, empowering press offices to save precious time and respond rapidly and effectively with a unified response, informed by a convenient and secure knowledge database....

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The Challenging Media Environment of Today

On March 23rd 2020 we witnessed an unprecedented step by a modern government to effectively close down the country to stop the spread of COVID-19. For many this meant a complete closure to their businesses and an uncertain period ahead both socially and economically. All news and social channels were focussed on just one thing, which was how to slow this killer virus from quickly escalating...

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COLIN Introduces a COVID-19 Feature

The COLIN team has been encouraged by positive customer feedback during the past few weeks. Our users regularly mention that they “love” this tool and use it on a day to day basis. Some of COLIN’s features have proven to be extremely helpful for many Press Offices and departments dealing with a high influx of press enquiries during these times. We hope that our newest feature will improve their experience even further.

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New ways of working for Press Teams

Press room environments have always been frenetic places to be, often with numerous timebound activities to carry out. The buzz of the newsroom, the support from colleagues and the ability to speak to others when help and advice is needed, has been the norm. Press teams work in a highly people-oriented and collaborative way, because it is crucial to monitor a breaking story closely with constantly changing views, opinions and angles. Due to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, press officers are now required to work remotely, which is a challenge for this very collaborative industry. Simultaneously, the workload continues to rise...

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