1.    Manages a huge volume of enquiries during a crisis

A crisis can strike any press office, anytime, anywhere and enterprises are usually unprepared. During a crisis, your press office can feel quickly overwhelmed when having to account for large influxes of complex questions, big changes and emergency situations. To stand any chance of mitigating this, proper planning and preparation is key. This is where COLIN’s forecasting tool is an invaluable asset.  The tool allows press officers to prepare press releases and ‘lines to take’ on specific topics or potential outcomes, empowering press offices to save precious time and respond rapidly and effectively with a unified response. This is informed by a convenient and secure knowledge database.

2.    Ensures your company speaks with one voice

Consistency is key, and this is truer than ever when handling time-sensitive situations. Make sure that your message is getting out consistently across your team by using COLIN. Its bespoke, easy-to-use dashboard grants members of your team quick access to previous interactions with journalists. Everyone can have a full overview linked to a single call in just a few minutes and be up to date. COLIN’s design means that it is easy to revisit, maintain and enforce historical stances towards subjects and contingencies to keep your messages unified and consistent. Access to this information makes it easy to avoid conflicting statements or positions, which could confuse the public and result in damage to your reputation.

3.    Enable your team to deal with the day-to-day as well as crisis enquiries

During these challenging times your press office team needs a system that can prove equally as effective in times of crisis as it can with handling day to day enquiries. It is important that crises and emergencies are treated with the urgency they require and deserve, but this should not be at the cost of the productivity and organisation of other aspects of your business. Eliminate needless pressure by focussing on urgent matters whilst not neglecting the everyday task management.  COLIN is a reliable and secure tool that will keep up when your teams needs it the most. Keep your team organised by creating a clear overview of all the areas to make sure everyone can meet their daily responsibilities.

4.    Monitors your press team’s pressure points and easily build a business case for expansion

It is vital for every busy press team to analyse, evaluate and understand their workflow. They need a system to track and present key performance indicators. COLIN can offer valuable insights into the efficiency of your team by monitoring the time to close a call and the effectiveness of your team by measuring the impact that your interactions had on the story. COLIN can also identify pressure points on a team-by-team basis, or even within teams, increasing visibility in areas of interest and providing transparency to management for strategic alterations,  or offer guided support, enhance cohesion and subsequently increase the overall effectiveness of your teams.

5.    Your COLIN instance could be up and running within 48 hours

Do you require COLIN right away? Within just 48 hours, COLIN can be entirely provisioned and configured to suit your bespoke requirements.  After a brief consultation to assess the way you need to work, our experts can configure COLIN remotely and guide the users through the system in no-time. COLIN is designed to be intuitive, so that your team members can get working right away, as there is no need for training. We also offer a responsive support system, composed of the technicians and engineers that know COLIN best, meaning that you are in safe hands even if you do experience any difficulties or require assistance!  Feel free to book a demonstration and we can set you up with an extended free trial for your team to test all available features within COLIN.