The Challenging Media Environment of Today

On March 23rd 2020 we witnessed an unprecedented step by a modern government to effectively close down the country to stop the spread of COVID-19. For many this meant a complete closure to their businesses and an uncertain period ahead both socially and economically. All news and social channels were focussed on just one thing, which was how to slow this killer virus from quickly escalating. 

New terminology like R-values, transmission and pandemic became a new language for some, as we eagerly awaited news updates from government ministers each afternoon. News teams, bunkered in their houses providing makeshift commentary became commonplace until such time as management sanctioned the press teams to go on the front line with boom microphone in hand 

NHS Doctors and nurses were questioned about how they were coping with the fight against this disease, in both established and newly appointed “pop-up” hospitals, against a backdrop of increasing patient admissions.  The bravery and compassion of all staff was captured in front of TV audiences. Reporters and journalists posed questions on a myriad of different topics from PPE to track and trace. The incessant hunger for news had been heightened with everybody’s view being heard from that of NHS Doctors, volunteers and care workers.  

As we saw an easing of restrictions, the news rapidly changed from just a single news story, to a series of news campaigns regarding how we unwind from the lock down. The business world was learning quickly to adapt, diversify and survive in this new normal, with COVID-19 being the catalyst to this rapid movement of change.  

Rapid reaction and agility to an everchanging news environment is what our Media Management ToolCOLIN®cut its teeth on.  As the news agenda widened, the criticality around lines to take had never been so important for the business community and central government. Rapid fire questions from journalists, breaking news stories in the press, this is commonplace for our customers who use COLIN to manage its media content.  

If you are struggling as an organisation to keep up in a demanding global press environment you should be talking to us, as we can quickly support you from drowning in the surge of news enquiries that are inevitably coming your way. Call our experts now, to learn more about how COLIN can assist you in this uncertain and challenging media environment.